Ep #1: Sea Monkeys vs. Alcatraz Show Notes

Kicking off ‘Wanna Match?’ right with Sea Monkeys by Emily and The History of Alcatraz. Two very different topics for a post-match get together. Do you wanna match with us? Let’s match!


Sea Monkeys

Emily kicks it off with sea monkeys! The brine shrimp that are not really a brine shrimp at all. Truth is, they’re in cryptobiosis…

Photo 1: Sea Monkeys Ad

Sea Monkeys ad that you could cut out, mail back with $1.25, and then receive your pack of eggs in cryptobiosis

Photo 2: A Real Sea Monkey!

Sea monkeys have three eyes, a bunch of legs, and feathery feet. YUCK.

Sea Monkey Citations:


Sydney wraps it up with a deep dive into the prison on the water, Alcatraz!

Photo 1: Alcatraz

Photos of Alcatraz

Photo 2: Hopi Native Americans

The Hopi Native Americans that were held at Alcatraz because they wouldn’t assimilate.

Photo 3:

Al Capone

Photo 4:

George “Machine Gun” Kelly

Photo 5:

Robert Straud aka “The Bird Man of Alcatraz”

Photo 6:

People involved with “The Great Escape” from Alcatraz who may or may not wake among us

Photo 7:

“Oink” and “Oscar” the dumby heads that were created to make it look like the men were still in their cells. Right: The hole that the men had to fit through.

Photo 8:

Mythbusters tests if the escape was even possible… they said it was plausible!

Photo 9:

The two possible routes that they could have taken in their makeshift raft.

Photo 10: Banjo Time!

Supposedly, people think they can

Alcatraz Citations:

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