Ep #2: Cheating in Sports vs. Dodgeball Show Notes

Welcome back to Wanna Match Podcast! It’s a podcast where two best friends get together, match, and then try to understand an obscure topic that we recently researched. In this episode, we chat about a chopstick in a plant, what “the tornado” is, and give you a little singing action! That’s before we even get into our topics of Cheating in Sports and Dodgeball!

Cheating in Sports

Sydney kicks off the episode with a deep dive into “Cheating in Sports”. You know what they say, “Cheaters never winner.”

Photo 1:

Ben Johnson (1981)

Photo 2: Thick Thighs Save Lives!!

Ben Johnson (1988)

Photo 3: He’s a runner, he’s a track star.

100 Meter dash Final in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea

Photo 4:

1919 Black Sox with the players involved in losing the World Series

Cheating in Sports Citations


Emily takes the baton (see what I did there??) for her topic of dodgeball. We chat about how we started this weird sport all of us love to play in gym class.

Photo 1: Dodge a wrench and a ball!

The Dodgeball we know and love that came out in 2004

Photo 2:

James H. Carlisle, the missionary who moved dodgeball from Africa to England. Specifically, he brought it to St. Mary’s college in 1884.

Photo 3: The Court

The official Court dimensions for Elite Dodgeball game!

Photo 4: Guiness World Record

Largest recorded game of dodgeball was played at UC California by over 6,000.

Dodgeball Citations

We had soooooo much fun recording this episode (as you can tell from the break we had to take). Thank you so much for listening and reading along with us!

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