Ep #3: The Real Avengers vs. The National Spelling Bee

Welcome back to another episode of Wanna Match Podcast! A podcast where two best friends, Sydney and Emily, come together, match, and try to explain obscure topics that we previously researched. This week we cover The Real Avengers and The National Spelling Bee Sydney’s ears turn off and admits she’s not a Marvel fan. Emily tries to spell some words and DOESN’T do well.

The Real Avengers

Little did we know, the Avengers is not just part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They were also assassins that sought out to avenge the Jewish population after the genocide enacted by Nazi soldiers. Emily jumps into it for the first part of the episode.

Photo 2: Fall of Germany, Rise of The Avengers

The Fall of the Third Reich signaled a change in all of Europe and a time to rebuild for most. This group (pictured above) emerged as assassins for the remaining known Nazis and Nazi sympathizers

Photo 2:

the Schutzstaffel and their flag

Photo 3: Abba Kovner

Abba Kovner, the poet and writer who’s rhetoric really influenced The Avengers

Photo 4:

Nuremburg Prison & The whole where poison was kept to poison the bread found years later.

Photo 5:

Some of the known Avengers, Yehuda Meimon is quoted in the episode after being interviewed by a reporter 70 years later.

Citations for The Real Avengers

The National Spelling Bee

Sydney takes on the second part of the episode with her topic, National Spelling Bees! We already know that you have a triggering spelling bee story, so tell us on socials what your “out” word was!

Photo 1:

The Scripps National Spelling Bee logo

Photo 2: Edith

The youngest National Spelling Bee was a five year old named Edith

Photo 3:

8 kids won the grand prize and split the champion title

Test Your Friends Spelling Ability:

Clearly, Emily would not be a champion. Test these words out on your friends to see how they’d do:

National Spelling Bee Citation

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