Ep #7: Trick or Treating vs. The Exorcist Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of ,Wanna Match Podcast – it’s a podcast where two best friends, Emily and Sydney, come together, match, and try to explain a topic that we previously researched! We have a plant in progress update!! That’s right before we jump into Trick or Treating vs. The Exorcist!

Trick or Treating

Photo 1:

“soul cakes” given to the poor people in around 1000 AD

Photo 2:

Trick or Treating as a family affair in the 1970s

Photo 3:

Trunk or Treats and Trick or Treating as community outreach events

Photo 4:

The edibles that were confiscated as part of a “drug-laced Halloween candy” investigation. The owner even admitted that they were going to be for personal, recreational use.

Trick or Treating Citations

The Exorcist

Photo 1:

Photo 3:

Amazing actors from the film!

Photo 3:

Face put into random frame of the movie to add subconscious fear

Photo 4:

Linda Blair as Reagan McKnight… creepy AF

Photo 5:

Opening scene of the movie was actually shot in the Middle East where there were some delays!

The Exorcist Show Notes

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