Ep #12: The Pania Reef vs. Sea Pigs Show Notes

Welcome back to show notes of Wanna Match Podcast! It’s a podcast where two best friends, Emily and Sydney, come together each week, match, and then try to explain a topic that we previously researched! This week we have an AQUARIUM THEME in honor of our trip to the Shedd Aquarium! We cover a dual story from the Pania Reef vs. Sea Pigs!

Our trip to the Shedd Aquarium that inspired our topics this episode!

The Pania Reef

Photo 1:

The location of Pania Reef

Photo 2:

Pania the Sea Goddess

Photo 3:

They modeled the Pania statue after this woman

Photo 4:

The Napier Bay today

Photo 5:

Inky the Octopus

Photo 6:

Inky’s suspected escape route

Pania Reef Citations:

Sea Pigs:

Photo 1:

What sea pigs look like in Endless Ocean and in real life

Photo 2:

The different legs on a sea pig

Photo 3:

Sea pigs and the crabs that seek shelter underneath them

Sea Pigs:

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