Ep #15: BP Oil Spill vs. Mel’s Hole Show Notes

Welcome back to another set of show notes for Wanna Match podcast! This is a podcast where two best friends, Emily and Sydney, come together each week, match, and try to explain a topic that we previously researched. It’s our last one before we get into the merry & bright season of PODMAS!! Like typical Wanna Match fashion, we went off! It’s the BP Oil Spill vs. Mel’s Hole!

BP Oil Spill

Photo 1:

The Deepwater Horizon Oil rig and it’s location

Photo 2:

Photo of the oil rig during the explosion

Photo 3:

The devastation of the oil in the Gulf

BP Oil Spill Citations:

Mel’s Hole

Photo 1:

Coast to Coast that reports on controversies

Photo 2:

Ellensburg, Washington about 9 miles from Mel Water’s property where the hole is found

Mel’s Hole Citations:

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