Ep #8: Zombie Snails vs. Jack o Lantern Show Notes

Welcome to the episode 8 show notes of Wanna Match Podcast! A podcast where two best friends, Emily and Sydney, come together, match, and try to explain a topic they previously researched. This week, we talk all things creepy crawly and fall-related! Sydney makes soup, the gang visits a pumpkin patch, and Emily gets ring worm? Try and understand zombie snails and jack o lanterns with us!

Zombie Snails

Photo 1:

A cartoon image of the process of snails obtaining their eventual killers.

Photo 2:

The two broodsacs that pulse in order to attract birds

Zombie Snails Citation:

Jack o Lantern

Photo 1:

The density of pumpkin growth in America

Photo 2:

The lore behind the Jack o Lantern is based on “Jack” who walked around with a turnip lantern for all eternity

Photo 3:

Some crazy submissions for pumpkin carving contests and fall art festivals all over!

Just for Fun Photo!

Here are OUR Jack o’ Lanterns that we created with our friends. We tagged everyone on the IG – go check out who the artist is behind each pumpkin creation!

Jack o Lantern Show Notes

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Ep #5: Dr. William Frankland vs. Vampire Bats Show Notes

We’re back with another fall-themed podcast of Wanna Match Podcast! This week, we cover Dr. William Frankland, an allergist from God above. After having a close call with some bats in our neighborhood, Sydney tells us all about vampire bats. They’re scary.

Dr. William Frankland

Photo 1:

A young William Frankland and the medical school he attended

Photo 2:

The pollen farm that Dr. Wlliam Frankland started and learned a lot from. It would eventually lead to the pollen chart. The pollen chart that I showed Sydney of our era.

Photo 3:

Fleming and the development of penicillin

Photo 4:

The many awards and dedications to Dr.William Frankland and his work in the allergy field!

Dr. William Frankland Citations:

Vampire Bats

Photo 1: It’s the fingers for us!

Bats with their fingers and the folds in their wings. Again, scary.

Photo 2:

Sometimes, they get ice stuck to their little bodies like this.

Photo 3:

Bats can be absolutely giant…like this.

Photo 4:

They can also be really small and fit on one finger. It’s kinda cute.

Photo 5:

Types of vampire bats

Photo 6:

Distribution of vampire bats in Latin America and South America

Photo 7:

The skeleton of a vampire bat that shows the claws they use to move themselves when they’re not flying.

Vampire Bats Citation:

So, what’s your bat story? We know you have one! You can check out all the other show notes from previous episodes here.

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