Ep #6: Crop Circles vs. Fall Astrology Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of Wanna Match Podcast! It’s a podcast where two best friends, Emily and Sydney, come together, match, and try to explain a topic that they previously researched. This week we chat about Crop Circles and Fall Astrology (and kind of astronomy).

Crop Circles

Photo 1:

A crop circle with an intricate design

Photo 2:

A bunch of crop circles are found here, suspiciously

Photo 3:

The biggest crop circle ever found

Photo 4:

Scientist, Terence Meaden, a leading force behind the wind causing the crop circles theory

Photo 5:

Little cuties that got intoxicated and made their own crop circles in New Zealand

Photo 6:

The Ley Lines which happen to cross where crop circles are more frequent

Photo 7:

An old newspaper clipping talking about crop circles

Photo 8:

The guys behind most of the known crop circles. Pranksters!!! HA!

Crop Circle Citations:

Fall Astrology

It’s unclear whether Emily knows the difference between astrology and astronomy. We definitely find ourselves in the tornado after the match. Nevertheless, we get into it!

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Harvest Moon festival (left) and Higan (right)

Photo 3:

Some notable Virgos! Including our friend, Katie, of course!

Photo 4:

Some notable Libras, including our friend Olivia!

Photo 5:

Scorpios you might know and our favorite Scorpio, Nick!

Fall Astrology Citations

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