Ep #4: Lost Colony of Roanoke vs. The Pendle Witch Trials

The first of many fall episodes of Wanna Match Podcast is officially here! This week, we tackle some big (and infamous) topics of The Lost Colony of Roanoke and The Pendle Witch Trials! Emily is clearly a skeptic the whole time, but what else is knew?!

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The Lost Colony of Roanoke

Syd kicks off this episode with the mysterious tale of the Lost Colony of Roanoke. Emily can’t be convinced that it was a real thing. So, what really happened to Roanoke? Is Emily right to be skeptical?

Photo 1:

Trees found (now recreated) in the area where Roanoke was believed to have once been.

Photo 2:

Raleigh (left) and John White (right)

Photo 3:

A map of where Roanoke was believed to be and where John White was constantly trying to get back to

Lost Colony of Roanoke Citation

The Pendle Witch Trials

We knew you’d be expecting the Salem Witch Trials. Who are we if not extra?! Emily kicks off the second half of the episode with a deep dive into the Pendle Witch Trials – the UK counterpart that we need to know about!

Photo 1: The Area

Pendle Hill in Lancashire

Photo 2: Family Tree

The family trees of the two families mainly involved in the Pendle Witch Trials. You might want to keep this one on you while you listen. Why are they all named the same thing?!

Photo 3:

Locations of the two trials

Photo 4:

The tourist industry that has really blossomed since the Pendle Witch Trials in the area

Photo 5:

The graveyard where Old Chattox was said to be seen desecrating graves in search of bones

Photo 6:

400 years later, a 1612 was made on Pendle Hill as well as people dressed as witches climbing to the top in effort to break a record!

Pendle Witch Trials Citation

Happy Fall, ya’ll! We’re excited to share one of our favorite times of year with you. In honor of the season, you’ll be hearing lots if fall-related topics that we chose to research! Let us know what you think! As always, you can check out other show notes here

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