Ep #5: Dr. William Frankland vs. Vampire Bats Show Notes

We’re back with another fall-themed podcast of Wanna Match Podcast! This week, we cover Dr. William Frankland, an allergist from God above. After having a close call with some bats in our neighborhood, Sydney tells us all about vampire bats. They’re scary.

Dr. William Frankland

Photo 1:

A young William Frankland and the medical school he attended

Photo 2:

The pollen farm that Dr. Wlliam Frankland started and learned a lot from. It would eventually lead to the pollen chart. The pollen chart that I showed Sydney of our era.

Photo 3:

Fleming and the development of penicillin

Photo 4:

The many awards and dedications to Dr.William Frankland and his work in the allergy field!

Dr. William Frankland Citations:

Vampire Bats

Photo 1: It’s the fingers for us!

Bats with their fingers and the folds in their wings. Again, scary.

Photo 2:

Sometimes, they get ice stuck to their little bodies like this.

Photo 3:

Bats can be absolutely giant…like this.

Photo 4:

They can also be really small and fit on one finger. It’s kinda cute.

Photo 5:

Types of vampire bats

Photo 6:

Distribution of vampire bats in Latin America and South America

Photo 7:

The skeleton of a vampire bat that shows the claws they use to move themselves when they’re not flying.

Vampire Bats Citation:

So, what’s your bat story? We know you have one! You can check out all the other show notes from previous episodes here.

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