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Ya’ll know I’m a athleisure fan. When I get married, we might need to visit the idea of everyone wearing their nicest pair of joggers, rather than things that are tight, hot, and uncomfy. I was approached by Simple Addiction to try out their Capri Pocket Leggings. What do you know? I have some things to say!

Here’s What I Got:

SA Exclusive Dark Olive Capri Pocket Leggings

Here’s What I Thought:

Capri Pocket Leggings

These leggings are literally amazing for relaxing, yoga, or low-impact workouts. I know that I’m great with my words, but I can’t accurately describe how soft they are. Because they don’t have a spandex feel, they don’t suck you in too hard or leave you with tight seem lines!

I went with their “curvy” option on the website, but might have been able to size down if I wanted pairs with tighter fits! I paired mine with a cute crop that spice up the casual look a little! I’ve learned that pockets are an absolute must for me. There’s consistently too much in my hands to have leggings without pockets anymore! If you’re looking for casual leggings this fall, these are a great option!

SA Exclusive Charcoal Soild Capri Pocket Leggings! Photo by: E.Mac Photography

Harem Pants

These are some of the best pants I have for a comfy/cute look! Again, they’re softer than I can put into words which is never a bad thing! I chose the navy ones because I have so much that compliments that color, but I will be buying more colors. They’re also adorable with a crop, but look extra cozy with a long cardigan or flannel to tie it all together! I also have paired my Harem pants with a body suit and would highly recommend!

It’s So Cheap!

If you hate how these clothes look on me, that’s fine! It’s rude, but it’s fine! You can try your size, style, or pattern of Simple Addiction for so cheap. Most of the things that I got were under $10.00 a piece. My entire order? Under $50! That’s crazy when it comes to shopping for anything – let alone comfy leggings!

Tag me in your SA Exclusive Capri Pocket Leggings or anything else you pick up from! I’ll share some of my favorite fashion inspo on my socials!

Acne At 23 Years Old

I don’t know which beauty guru God I pissed off, but I’ve been having some serious cystic acne in these big breakouts throughout the pandemic. Acne has never really been a huge problem for me – I swam competitively for years which effectively burned every skin cell on my face. My hair too. The years when everyone else was struggling, I skated by pretty easily. Now, though, I’m feeling the pain because I’m getting acne at 23.

My Skin Type

 should probably tell you that I have combination to oily skin depending on the time of year. I get greasy pretty quickly. Finding a setting spray that actually keeps my makeup from melting off has been a work in progress that I’m still not totally confident in. 

I’m also a picker. Big surprise here: I’ve got some crazy anxiety that manifests itself in some hand fixations. While other people smoke or pop their gum, I’ve always been that annoyance that clicks the pens, picks, and cracks my knuckles. It’s not at all cute. On the brightside, it’s made me a very quick typer and therefore, a good content creator. Conversely, it makes healing blemishes a little difficult.

Stop Obsessing…PLEASE!

I feel like I’ve tried everything when it comes to healing my skin. It’s so cliche to have a big zit that makes you not want to go out in public, but I’m going through that as a full-blown adult! A respiratory pandemic that required masks has made it easier to literally mask some of the acne, but not the annoying (and painful) forehead breakouts. 

Men and women who have struggled with body dysmorphia or self consciousness in some form or another can understand what I mean when I say I’m very aware of myself. I am aware of the space I take up, the vibe I give off, and the cystic zit that sits right at my hairline. Like I’ve said before, the odds of anyone having the time or energy to care about the size of your forehead zit during a Target run. 

Just like with everything in life, the moment your mindset shifts from obsession over the ugliness and hatred for the natural things happening on your face to action or self care is when things start to change. 

Healing Time!

Considering that most of my generation gets their skincare advice from strangers on Tik Tok, I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t possibly be the only experiencing frequent breakouts along with her quarter-life crisis. My dermatologist recommended a face wash in the shower called Panoxyl. It’s over the counter but pretty harsh – so be careful! It’s been a game changer for my oily skin, especially when I was in school and touching my face in exasperated sighs all the time. 

Big disclaimer: what works for me, might not work for you; even if our skin types are the same! I used a lot of cheap drugstore products to wash my face my whole life without problem. Now, however, I need to be a little more careful about the things that I’m putting on my skin. I’d encourage you to look up the long words that are in the ingredients list. You don’t have to spend heaps of money on good stuff either!! Brands like The Ordinary are available at Ulta for less than $10. 

I just posted this on my LikeToKnow.It profile! ( where you can find all the things that I use in my routine & where you can get them!

The Takeaway

As I get older, I’ve realized just how much the outside world affects my skin, my hair, my allergies, my appetite, and everything in between. I’m not sure if it’s because we become more introspective as we get older or maybe, it’s because I’m just absorbing too much of what’s around me. Though change in our routines can be scary, it’s sometimes necessary! Unfortunately, I can’t use the same products as when I was in a pool for 4 hours a day because it’s not my lifestyle anymore. 

Along with all of this though, is the reminder that your skin is imperfect and blemished just like every other person’s. We use makeup, apps, and software to make it look perfect… but you’re not unworthy of a photo or event because of a bad skin day. Even the beauty gurus that pop up on our Explore page don’t go through life without a breakout. I’m so tired of hiding my whole face because a blemish makes me feel unworthy. If we’re going to preach body positivity, it better be about the whole damn thing. 

Struggling with acne? Have a to-die-for solution? Connect with me on any of the social platforms below!

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Fall Fashion Essentials

It’s Fall y’all! My favorite season is finally upon us & I am officially transitioning my wardrobe! Is it just me or does everyone do a deep clean out of their closet every time a new season rolls in? No? Just me? Purging and re-organizing my clothes, shoes & accessories at least two times a year really helps get rid of pieces I no longer wear. For some reason, I tend to hold on to items that I keep telling myself I’ll wear in the near future, but never do. Why is it so hard to let go sometimes? Might be the Type A personality in me. Although it may take a while to part ways, once my closet is refreshed & clean, it is such a satisfying feeling knowing I’ve crossed off a major project on my to-do list!

Like many, I am always on the hunt for trendy yet affordable pieces to add to my collection because I believe you can look like a million dollars without having to spend it! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll splurge on a new bag or pair of boots every once in a while but, finding boutiques & brands that offer quality pieces at affordable prices is what I am all about!

To make sure I am always saving the most amount of money on my purchases, I use Honey! It is an extension added to Google Chrome that works in the background as you shop to search for any coupon codes that may apply to your purchase! It’s so easy! All you have to do is sign up with your email, add the extension, & that’s it! Honey does the rest for you! All the pesky searches for coupon codes that may not even work are gone. The greatest part about Honey is you can create Wishlist’s of item’s you have your eye on and be notified when those items go on sale! They work with over 28,000 different stores & have saved clients millions of dollars since their launch. How amazing is that?

If you haven’t already caught on, I am a sweater FANATIC. There are so many different ways you can style a sweater with knee high boots, a cute skirt, or even a great hat! A lot of the pieces I’ve picked can be transitional from late Summer into Fall since the fabric is lightweight but extra cozy. Currently, a favorite online boutique of mine is Pink Lily. I was feeding our son one late night & happened to stumble across their page and it was GAME OVER for me. Since then I’ve made so many purchases from them & will always recommend their brand to anyone I know. They are constantly coming out with new collections, have great discounts & even do fun giveaways! Check out a few of my favorite Pink Lily pieces below! Tell me what your favorite go-to Fall outfit is!

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