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*This is a sponsored post. Items in this post have been paid for by SimpleAddiction for the purpose of this blog.

Ya’ll know I’m a athleisure fan. When I get married, we might need to visit the idea of everyone wearing their nicest pair of joggers, rather than things that are tight, hot, and uncomfy. I was approached by Simple Addiction to try out their Capri Pocket Leggings. What do you know? I have some things to say!

Here’s What I Got:

SA Exclusive Dark Olive Capri Pocket Leggings

Here’s What I Thought:

Capri Pocket Leggings

These leggings are literally amazing for relaxing, yoga, or low-impact workouts. I know that I’m great with my words, but I can’t accurately describe how soft they are. Because they don’t have a spandex feel, they don’t suck you in too hard or leave you with tight seem lines!

I went with their “curvy” option on the website, but might have been able to size down if I wanted pairs with tighter fits! I paired mine with a cute crop that spice up the casual look a little! I’ve learned that pockets are an absolute must for me. There’s consistently too much in my hands to have leggings without pockets anymore! If you’re looking for casual leggings this fall, these are a great option!

SA Exclusive Charcoal Soild Capri Pocket Leggings! Photo by: E.Mac Photography

Harem Pants

These are some of the best pants I have for a comfy/cute look! Again, they’re softer than I can put into words which is never a bad thing! I chose the navy ones because I have so much that compliments that color, but I will be buying more colors. They’re also adorable with a crop, but look extra cozy with a long cardigan or flannel to tie it all together! I also have paired my Harem pants with a body suit and would highly recommend!

It’s So Cheap!

If you hate how these clothes look on me, that’s fine! It’s rude, but it’s fine! You can try your size, style, or pattern of Simple Addiction for so cheap. Most of the things that I got were under $10.00 a piece. My entire order? Under $50! That’s crazy when it comes to shopping for anything – let alone comfy leggings!

Tag me in your SA Exclusive Capri Pocket Leggings or anything else you pick up from! I’ll share some of my favorite fashion inspo on my socials!

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