My Abortion Story

*TW: Sexual assault, domestic abuse, pregnancy, abortion

I’ve struggled to write this blog for years. Little blurbs that I want to make sure are included are sloppily typed in the Notes app, scribbled on scratch paper littering my office, and spoken into voice memos from random days. For so long, I didn’t know how to turn some of the worst moments of my life into something that would actually benefit someone. All the emotions and thoughts bouncing around my head were difficult to streamline into anything productive.

I have struggled with the implications putting this on the internet might have on me, my relationships, or my future. To not share my story, however, would mean that I wasn’t fully getting all the purpose from my pain. Today, on a day that sets our country back 50+ years, the words seem to sew themselves together pretty easily. It’s actually been somewhat easy to type the words I’ve been struggling with for so long: I had an abortion.

Setting Some Things Straight

Here on the blog, I share a lot of things that someone else might consider a “skeleton in the closet.” From the gruesome details of chronic pain to the lowest of my mental health lows, I have never felt ashamed in being honest about where I’ve come from. This is not an exception to that.

It has been a long time coming, but The Supreme Court’s direct attack on women’s rights makes this essential now. The face of abortion is not a bunch of high-school aged girls using it as a form of birth control or women making the “selfish” choice to live without the stress of a child. It’s mothers who are experiencing liver failure and risking her life. There’s women of all ages who simply cannot afford to have a baby or give a child any sort of quality life. It’s young girls and women that are victims of sexual abuse.

There’s wealthy women, incarcerated women, victims, unemployed women, wives, daughters, sick women, and so many more of us in between. One of the only things that we have in common is that we had to make decision that no one wants to make and now, we have to be synonymous with murderers because of it.

My Abortion Story

The Background

There’s a long, long story leading up to my abortion. Some of the details, however, aren’t helpful toward the goal of this blog. They’re wounds that I’ve exhaustively talked about with therapists and medical professionals on more than one occasion, but that have started to heal. So, I’ll give you the details that are important to the story while still guarding my heart a little.

The foundational information to this story is this: I got pregnant at 20 years old with an ex. The promise of “getting back together” left me really naive to the problems that we’d broken up over in the first place.  I was still blind to all the instances of narcissistic abuse within my relationship. I’ve spoken about my experience with a partner displaying narcissistic tendencies, but I’ll never be able to really describe the day in and day outs of those days.

I saw what so many people beg to see, but felt nothing but pain, confusion, and darkness. One day, I will share this amazing, happy moment with a partner who’s equally as happy, rather than one that tells you all the reasons you can’t do it.

To say that I was innocent wouldn’t be truthful. As I’ve said before, I acted horrible in moments of hurt and pain. There were absolutely moments where I was adding toxicity to an already volatile relationship. And, as people are quick to point out, I do know what a consequence of sex is. Just as I answered when seeking an abortion, I was not convinced, blackmailed, or coerced into my decision. I would still make the same decision over again today if 50 years of women’s rights weren’t just stripped from me, that is.

The Reason

I don’t feel I need to give anyone a reason as to why I didn’t want to have a child at 20 years old. I definitely don’t feel like I have to prove instances of abuse within my relationship to be validated in that difficult choice. It was my body, my life, and my future that were affected in that moment.

Coming to the decision that I would choose abortion was the hardest thing that I’ve ever done. It was harder than dealing with the endometriosis pain since I started my period, losing 11 pounds because I couldn’t keep anything down while pregnant, or even having the actual abortion.

Obviously, there are so many horrible moments that lead up to this decision. I don’t want to give those moments life with a blog. The reason for my abortion doesn’t matter; sharing my story and putting a different face to something so stigmatized does. I’m sharing my story in hopes that it finds a woman that needs it. I just really hope that she knows that she doesn’t need a “good reason” to make a decision about her own uterus.

The Abortion: First Appointment

My first trip to the clinic was traumatic. My partner was not able to be there for some reason or another. So, my mom held my hand and soothed me as I walked into an appointment that would change my life.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin literally saved my life. They were paramount in getting me safe care, even though they were restricted by our state’s laws. They also helped me to get another form of birth control that has worked for me for years.

People approached our car and yelled to me about “all the other options”. There were other options, but none that would work for me. My decision had been made. Throughout the first appointment, the staff always had disclaimers about what they were able to do and say per Wisconsin State Law. They were obligated to use the word “baby” and made sure that I saw the ultrasound. That staff was forced by State Law to make this as unappealing as possible in hopes that the gravity of the decision would change my mind.

That gravity had been weighing on me since my first pregnancy test. The weight of which was making me very physically ill. I was anemic, dehydrated, and losing weight rapidly. The doctor prescribed some anti nausea medicine so that I could actually get my body some nutrients.  Then, I was sent home. Wisconsin had a 48-hour minimum waiting period between the initial appointment and procedure. I think it was in hopes that I would change my mind. I didn’t. Don’t worry though, I could have immediately gotten a gun if I wanted it.

The Abortion: Second Appointment

My partner begrudgingly agreed to attend the actual procedure with me. Looking back, one of my parents would have been a better option as you can only have one guest. He had somewhere to be (which I later found out was someone to see) and let me know before we walked in. “This needs to be done by one. I have class,” he had said.

Because of my anxiety and depression, the clinic-appointment counselor had suggested the suction abortion method. It was one where ending my pregnancy was completely done by a doctor that day. No pills that my anxiety would probably cause me to throw up.

I was given 600 mg of ibuprofen and something to avoid infection as preparation. As I laid there, I gripped the hand of a stranger. No guests were allowed in treatment rooms or the recovery area. She asked me about shows I was watching on Netflix. It was a stupid conversation, but it kept the focus off the pain. I watched as the bedpan was taken away and only half listened as the doctor described what she had done to my body. My life had just completely changed in the presence of two strangers. It was overwhelming to say the least.

The recovery room was lonely, sterile, and distant. No guests are allowed to hold your hand or decompress with you per Wisconsin State Law. You spend the first moments after a terrible moment of your life with a juice, thick maxi-pad, and microwavable heating pad.

The Aftermath

My recovery was uncomfortable to say the very least. As someone that was very much struggling in my journey with endometriosis (another reason that motivated my abortion decision), my recovery was unique. When professionally done, the rate of complications only hover at about 1%. I was given a lot of grace from my family, friends, and workplace to recover at my own pace – a privilege very few women who seek abortions have.

My ex and I went no contact a year later after a particularly heated argument. From then on, my abortion has never been used against me. His exit from my life and an extensive therapy schedule was the start of my mental recovery.  The days that I thought about it started to get fewer. Tears shed less frequently and in smaller waves. As with most past traumas, there are days that are harder than others. There is a lot more guarding of my heart now. Today, however, there are long periods of time where it won’t cross my mind even once.

I’m easily able to say that I made the right call. If I had to go back, I’d do it again. My story was just that: MY story. The more that I dealt with the recovery and trauma, I was able to truly understand that it had nothing to do with anyone else. On that day, I made the absolute best decision for me, my future, my mental health, my finances, my physical health, and my life for the ONLY person that would have to live through it all…me.

What Hitting Post Means

As I type this, I’m not sure what will come of hitting Post. I’m not sure what relationships in my life will change or how differently people will think of me. It could lose followers or supporters of my business. At the end of the day, though, I’ve felt my emotions about this skeleton. I’ve cried, screamed, and said worse things to myself than any stranger on the internet can say.

I’ve realized that hitting the Post button will not change my value to those that matter in my life. Hitting Post is something that I’ve felt I needed to do for so long. Now, more than ever, as our country steps into the scariest parts of our past. You are not alone and I will not stop fighting for us.

My Abortion in Perspective

My abortion story is one of so much privilege. I was able to seek safe abortion care in a clean facility. Nearly, 45% percent of women already have unsafe abortions due to lack of access. I had a support system for my mental and physical recovery. In the grand scheme, however, maternal deaths are increasing as the stigma of abortion care changes legislation. Overturning Roe vs. Wade is a direct attack on millions of women. They are women with so many different contexts and needs.

Restricting access to abortion care isn’t about protecting the lives of the unborn. The “Pro-Life” movement never cared about my life or the lives of women who are currently in my position. It’s about having power and control over lives that we then aren’t responsible for living. After all, Pro-Life certainly doesn’t mean pro-women lives or pro-quality of life. 

I’m furious. I hope you are too. If you or someone you know can relate to this in some way, reach out. I am one of millions of people in this country that are by your side. Connect with me at any of the socials below. Fight with me here:

Ep #15: BP Oil Spill vs. Mel’s Hole Show Notes

Welcome back to another set of show notes for Wanna Match podcast! This is a podcast where two best friends, Emily and Sydney, come together each week, match, and try to explain a topic that we previously researched. It’s our last one before we get into the merry & bright season of PODMAS!! Like typical Wanna Match fashion, we went off! It’s the BP Oil Spill vs. Mel’s Hole!

BP Oil Spill

Photo 1:

The Deepwater Horizon Oil rig and it’s location

Photo 2:

Photo of the oil rig during the explosion

Photo 3:

The devastation of the oil in the Gulf

BP Oil Spill Citations:

Mel’s Hole

Photo 1:

Coast to Coast that reports on controversies

Photo 2:

Ellensburg, Washington about 9 miles from Mel Water’s property where the hole is found

Mel’s Hole Citations:

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Understanding My Car with FIXD

This blog may contain affiliate links for your convenience. You can find my full advertising disclaimer here

Admittedly, I am NOT a car girl. Like at all. In fact, I was just getting made fun of at work for not instantly knowing where I would put windshield wiper fluid in. For some reason, it just doesn’t click in my brain. So, I’ve been willing to spend way too much time and money on my car when much easier options were available. I teamed up with FIXD to understand & care for my car in the best way for my wallet and my time!

What is FIXD?

FIXD is technology created by three Georgia Tech Grads in Atlanta, Georgia. It comes with a sensor that plugs right into your OBD2 port. (I had no idea where this was, but the app gives you a step-by-step guide on finding it in your specific vehicle!) It uses bluetooth with an app that you can get from any app store.

There’s thousands of things to learn and do on the app. Its main use, however, is saving you time, energy and worry when it comes to car care. It can’t get better than that!

How does FIXD work?

Once you plug your FIXD sensor in, it’s constantly running diagnostics on your car. It can tell you things like oil health, tire pressure, battery health, and mileage all through the app! Inside the app, you can also see a timeline of services that your car needs throughout ownership. It provides you with information on why you need services, where to get them serviced in your area, and how much you should budget!

There’s literally like 7,000 things that the app can tell you about your car at the touch of a button!

There are so many free features on the FIXD app. At only $5.83 per month (billed annually), you’ll have even more car care information at your fingertips.The premium membership offers things like a mechanic hotline, predictions of future problems to look out for and be aware of, and emissions analysis. FIXD basically gives you your car’s health at your fingertips! The premium membership isn’t necessary, however, to get the benefits of the FIXD sensor and free membership! 

Is it worth it?

Right now, you can get FIXD for $19.99 with free shipping. The stress that FIXD takes away from car care makes the product already worth it – not to mention the opportunity to save money when actual servicing is necessary! I also feel safer in my car when I understand it, something that’s definitely worth the price! I know that my dad feels better with me driving with FIXD as well!  

FIXD can also be used to manage multiple vehicles over and over again. Using the free app, you’re able to track maintenance issues in all the family cars! You can also use FIXD to help determine if everything looks good on a vehicle before buying. It can be a handy tool for any car owner to have on hand.

How do I get one?

You can pick up your FIXD sensor right here. The FIXD is free for download wherever you’re able to download applications to your phone.

You can find more information on the official FIXD website and on their Instagram page!

Do you have a car trouble story? Do you want to learn more about FIXD? Connect with me on any socials below – I’m a car girl now 😉

Weight Does Not Equal Health

While at the gym, I started to think about how everyone around me was doing something different. Not only that, but they’re all in different places in their lives, their exercise journey, and their physical capabilities. While we have a “type” that we’ve grown to think are “healthy and fit”, we were all at the gym doing what we needed to do for our bodies at that moment. Weight does not equal health. It doesn’t equal your mile time or how much you bench. In fact, the way you look doesn’t determine your health to anyone, despite what we’ve all been taught in this world.

Let’s Talk Elliptical

Jenna Marbles has a Youtube video from forever ago where she talks about getting judged at the gym (which I just found out is deleted :/). While she was going slow on her elliptical, a girl going much faster was giving all sorts of condescending looks. She didn’t know, however, that Jenna had her resistance on the highest setting which gave her a different exercise altogether. A workout that works for one body doesn’t work for another. Some people have injuries or medical conditions that make even moving certain muscles difficult in the first place! The way you’re working out has nothing to do with your health level.

Let’s Talk Fitness Clothing Culture

Athleisure is not only the trend, but also the bulk of my personal closet. Even though I have a million pairs of leggings, I truly do not feel like I can have enough. For so long, the fitness industry has made athleisure for a certain group of people. Those who might have a couple extra inches in any part of their body don’t have athletic clothes that fit them properly or provide support when doing anything strenuous. Brands that I love for pre-workout, protein, or workout gear often only go up to a size XL. It’s confusing, considering the average clothing size of a woman in the US is 14, but trends to size 16-18. Even if you are within the XS-XL size range, you might have broad shoulders, a large chest, strong thighs, or short legs that make shopping for fitness clothing difficult. 

Let’s Talk Looks

By looking at me, you wouldn’t guess that I swam competitively for 8 years. Even now, I can swim laps around people that are considered much fitter and healthier than I. It’s the way that I’ve moved my muscles and how I’ve conditioned my body. Morgan Stickney is a double amputee and professional swimmer. Her fastest 400m Freestyle time as a Paraolympic swimmer is only one minute of the world record time. Without legs, she’s swimming faster than a large majority of the world.

This is an example of an amazing athlete overcoming a physical obstacle. Though not as extreme, the same could be said for the people around you at the gym. You’d be surprised what people can accomplish when you stop placing societal exceptions on them.

Let’s Wrap It Up

The way someone looks does not equate to their health. The way that my stomach looks in a sports bra does not mean that I don’t work out, or that I don’t workout correctly, or even that I’m unhealthy. Unless you’re my doctor with my medical chart in front of you, don’t assume things you don’t know!

Obesity has so many causes. Though being overweight has health risks, it’s important to understand health is not a one size fits all. Encouraging people to love their body isn’t condoning unhealthy lifestyle habits. In fact, loving your body allows you to move, stretch, exercise, and pamper yourself like you need!

Want to talk body positivity? Connect with me on the socials below!

Ep #14: The Western Schism vs. The Crying Boy Painting Show Notes

Welcome back to the show notes of Wanna Match Podcast! It’s a podcast where two best friends, Sydney and Emily, come together, match, and try to explain a topic that we previously researched. This episode is about The Western Schism vs. The Crying Boy Painting!

The Western Schism

Photo 1:

The hierarchy of people in the Catholic church

Photo 2:

Location of Avignon in France

Photo 3:

Location of Rome in Italy

Photo 4:

Location of Pisa in Italy

Photo 4:

A great diagram of all the Popes going on in their respective area (drawn by Syd)

The Western Schism Citations:

The Crying Boy Painting

Photo 1:

“The Crying Boy Painting” though it definitely looked different throughout time and by different artists

Photo 2:

Photo 3:

A photo of someone trying to burn The Crying Boy Painting

The Crying Boy Citations:

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Ep #13: Black Friday vs. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Show Notes

Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to the show notes of Wanna Match Podcast – a podcast where two best friends, Emily and Sydney, come together, match, and try to explain a topic that we previously researched! It’s a Thanksgiving episode, so we did two topics you might related to Turkey Day: Black Friday vs. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Black Friday

Photo 1:

Black Friday was believed to come from the Friday in between Thanksgiving and the Army/Navy game where a bunch of people in black uniforms flocked to the city.

Photo 2:

Stores like REI close on Black Friday to make a statement

Photo 3:

This is what Black Friday can sometimes look like

Black Friday Citations:

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Photo 1:

Tom the Turkey is a staple of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Photo 2:

The balloons flying over New York City – including Hello Kitty that’s so cute!

Photo 3:

Balloons and how they have evolved throughout the years

Photo 4:

Sydney’s marching band has been in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Citations:

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5 Little Things to Be Thankful for This Year

In a world where working yourself to death is normal and a global pandemic seems never ending, it’s sometimes hard to see the silver lining in an average day. Sure, Thanksgiving comes around and you realize the big things you’re thankful for: family, friends, health, food, and so on. You’ll be able to see the little things in your everyday when you start looking for them more closely. Here are 5 little things to be thankful for that might be getting overlooked this year.

When You Hit a Bunch of Green Lights in a Row

Sometimes, we have days where we have only red lights to stop at on our drive. Others, we hit every green light on a long stretch of road – can you imagine it now? We’re happier that we got somewhere faster, but have you ever just been really thankful that your day ended up that way. It’s tiny, I know, but it’s something that can truly make you think that the Universe is on your side in your day!

Finding a Go-To Sweater for your Closet

I recently found a sweater that I absolutely adore from H&M. It’s a go-to item of clothing for me now. It works with just about anything and it’s so soft I want to cry! Finding clothing that fit you well and makes you feel good isn’t always a given. So, when you find something that really makes you feel good, it’s important to savor that feeling (and buy one of every color).

The go-to sweater from above. Seriously, it’s everything. Bonus point: it’s from their recycled collection so I can feel good about wearing it too!

TV Shows to Binge Watch

If you know me or have seen a dating profile of mine, you know that I’m a huge true crime nerd. I rewatch NCIS and Criminal Minds like three times a year. Some people find a new show to watch as soon as their current one is over, while others stick to the tried and true.

TV and streaming services have really been cranking out some stellar TV options lately. More people have been represented in our everyday media and it shows. Sometimes, having no plans and just your favorite TV show to curl up with is something to be thankful for too!

Homemade Food

Nothing hits has hard as homemade food. There is not a restaurant or chain that can replicate what homemade food makes you feel like. For one, you can be proud that you’re not spending buckets of money. Two, you can really curate exactly what you want. Three, you can feel a level of productivity that you just don’t feel when you’re grabbing something quick through the drive thru.

This year, I ate homemade mashed potatoes twice for Thanksgiving. It seems like a tiny thing to be joyful about, but I never do it for myself! It tastes better and it’s made with much more love, of course.

Photos and Videos to Look Back On

Say what you will about blogging, but running anything on social media will make you really good at being the photographer and videographer of any event. That’s not to say that there are not moments, of course, that you can’t experience behind a phone screen.

We have a tradition of watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation each year on Thanksgiving. There’s a part where Clark Griswald, the main character, is looking back on old family videos of Christmas. Social media might be a huge pain, but it’s allowed people to share their moments with others – good, bad, beautiful, and ugly. Maybe pictures are a pain to take now, but you’ll definitely be thankful showing your loved ones when that photo represents a really cool memory or story.

What are you thankful for? It can be big or small. We all have something! Come and tell me on my social media accounts below!

Ep #12: The Pania Reef vs. Sea Pigs Show Notes

Welcome back to show notes of Wanna Match Podcast! It’s a podcast where two best friends, Emily and Sydney, come together each week, match, and then try to explain a topic that we previously researched! This week we have an AQUARIUM THEME in honor of our trip to the Shedd Aquarium! We cover a dual story from the Pania Reef vs. Sea Pigs!

Our trip to the Shedd Aquarium that inspired our topics this episode!

The Pania Reef

Photo 1:

The location of Pania Reef

Photo 2:

Pania the Sea Goddess

Photo 3:

They modeled the Pania statue after this woman

Photo 4:

The Napier Bay today

Photo 5:

Inky the Octopus

Photo 6:

Inky’s suspected escape route

Pania Reef Citations:

Sea Pigs:

Photo 1:

What sea pigs look like in Endless Ocean and in real life

Photo 2:

The different legs on a sea pig

Photo 3:

Sea pigs and the crabs that seek shelter underneath them

Sea Pigs:

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The Types of Guys You Meet on Tinder Gold

Using dating apps is essentially how singles meet these days. The stories of just running into your future spouse when you were sipping milkshakes at the diner or accidentally bumping into them in Times Square is just not realistic anymore. If you are dating someone that stemmed from these extenuating circumstances, understand that you’re lucky and the universe really aligned for you. More realistically, you might meet a future partner on a number of dating sites or apps that are aimed toward whatever your little heart is looking for. I took it one step farther by getting Tinder Gold to see what all the fuss was about.

Let’s Understand Tinder Gold

Tinder Basics

If you want to understand Tinder Gold, you need to understand Tinder. It’s one of the most popular dating apps, especially amongst the demographic of partners I’m looking for. Tinder is a place where you upload a couple of photos, update your bio to whatever best describes you, and maybe even set an anthem so people get a taste of your music.

MY anthem is obviously “Stronger” by Kanye West

You swipe to the right to “match” with someone and show your interest. The opposite, or not being interested, is a swipe to the left. If someone really gets your blood pumping, you “super like”; which gives them a notification and a special little blue box. With Tinder Gold, you’re able to see all the people who have swiped right on your profile. You can also “boost” yourself so that you’re showing up more often & toward the beginning for those swiping in your area.

Adventuring Into Tinder Gold

I bought Tinder Gold because a sweet friend of mine had it and said she liked it! She showed me that swipes had immediate gratification because you know they’d already said yes to you! Considering the $15 dollars a month was something I could definitely swing, I decided to give it a try. Maybe this says more about me, but I’ve realized that a lot of the guys you meet on Tinder Gold have some similarities. Also, keep in mind this is coming from a heterosexual woman – so it might not be representative of your app. Or, is it?

My Take on Tinder Gold

For me, Tinder Gold was totally worth the money. I spend more on sushi when I order it once than I do on the addition each month. It literally skyrocketed my confidence when I first bought Tinder Gold and saw I had well over 3,500 matches. My worth isn’t quantified in the number of Tinder matches I have, of course. When your filling your head with some negative self talk, it’s a self confidence boost to see how many people think you’re a little cutie! I’m HOT – thousands of boys said so!

As a Type A personality and a Taurus, I love when control is on my side in any situation. Quite honestly, Tinder Gold gave me the option to either do the swiping with men who kind of had a head start. They had already started to show interest. I was already batting well! I could always swipe through everyone in my area like normal where men might not always swipe right on me.

The Types of Guys You Meet on Tinder Gold

Way-Too-Sexual Dude

If that’s what you’re looking for, more power to you! Sex between two consenting adults is cool! I can confidently say, however, CHILL. There’s always a guy that says something borderline vulgar as a pick up line. Where’s the punchline? Do humans do this in real life?

You can see I’ve heard this one before… eye roll.

Big rule of thumb: If someone makes you REALLY uncomfortable on a dating app, report them! Tinder and other apps have safeguards so that you can report people who are making you feel unsafe. In fact, they even ask people if they want to send these types of messages before they send them by identifying key words. If you wouldn’t say it to their actual face, don’t say it through text. If your spicy message would not be something you said during actual spicy time. I wouldn’t Tinder message it. That goes for like every time you pick up your phone, actually.


Yes, there is an awesome tool for you to add a GIF. There is also a GIF for every single thing you could ever say on the planet. However, I do not want to figure out if you’re a decent human through various Office GIFs.

BIG rule of thumb: A properly placed GIF is hilarious. Sometimes, they’re literally all you need to say to get 100% of the point across. There are certain ones that simply cement you as the funniest human in the chat.

The Ghost

We’ve all been there and we’ve all done that. As much as I wish I haven’t been the ghoster, I ABSOLUTELY have. As I’ve talked to some people, grown up, and dated around, I realized that the fear of saying, “Hey, I’m not really feeling it,” is actually not as severe as I thought. Even if you feel like the jerk in the situation, communicating that you’re not really interested saves people from the self confidence stab & makes you the bigger person!

Big rule of thumb: You don’t owe anyone an expectation of what you’re doing in the name of romance, sex, or friendship. You have to do what’s right for you. Sometimes, that means kind of removing yourself from triggering or tempting situations for a while with no notice to the other parties. If you’ve ever been ghosted, remind yourself that it has nothing to do with you and more to do with the person doing the ghosting!

Mr. “I’m Not Like Other Guys”

I’m not here to say that all guys are the same. This blog proves that. As humans, gravitate toward partners that fulfill certain needs for us and attract us in specific ways. To say that the guys you’re pulling have some similarities wouldn’t be out of left field. Saying you’re not like the other dudes and actually not being like them are two very different things. Life has made me realize that you need to listen to people’s actions – those who want to be with you will, those who want to talk to you will, and those who want to make time for you will! 

Rule of thumb: If you state that the reason you’re on Tinder is because of a “crazy” ex, you might as well wave a red flag in all your photos. We all have exes that might have a little screw loose – there’s definitely a time and place or you to tell us the things that didn’t work about previous partners, especially if it’s something you see present again. No one, men or women, wants to think that they’re next in line to get called the “crazy one” if things don’t work out!

The *Actual* Sweetie Pie

Every so often, you’ll find a true gem that doesn’t embody any of the categories from above. They’re not cheating on their partner. They might not be looking for a spouse, but their intentions are pretty clear from the get-go. This can also be applied to the guys who are straight-forward about what they’re feeling (and not feeling) at appropriate times.

Rule of thumb: Everyone is human. We all have flaws and parts of us that we consider a “work in progress”. That being said, Tinder is an app and this is online dating. Please be careful before disclosing anything about yourself or before meeting up with people! Someone can be a sweetie pie on the app but totally opposite in person. Trust yourself, trust your judgement, and trust people’s actions!

Are you on dating apps? Would you try Tinder Gold? Tell me your experience at any of my socials below!

Ep #9: Slenderman vs. Mischief Night Show Notes

Welcome to the episode 9 show notes of Wanna Match Podcast! It’s a podcast where two best friends, Emily and Sydney, come together, match, and try to explain a topic we previously researched. This week, we take a deeper dive into how the dark web with Slenderman. We lighten it up with Mischief Night & the fun little pranks it has to do with! Do you know either of these?


Photo 1:

The image of Slenderman that we as a society imagine

Photo 2:

One of the images made for the original Photoshop thread

Photo 3:

Images from the Waukesha Wisconsin Slenderman Stabbing

Photo 4:

“Slenderman” that was caught on surveillance in South Carolina

Slenderman Citations:

Mischief Night

Photo 1:

Mischief Night is marked with some harmless pranks like TPing houses – have you ever done it?

Photo 2:

Some people call it “Cabbage Night”

Photo 3:

What people call October 30th based on their location in the US

Photo 4:

Mischief Night Citation:

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