The Types of Guys You Meet on Tinder Gold

Using dating apps is essentially how singles meet these days. The stories of just running into your future spouse when you were sipping milkshakes at the diner or accidentally bumping into them in Times Square is just not realistic anymore. If you are dating someone that stemmed from these extenuating circumstances, understand that you’re lucky and the universe really aligned for you. More realistically, you might meet a future partner on a number of dating sites or apps that are aimed toward whatever your little heart is looking for. I took it one step farther by getting Tinder Gold to see what all the fuss was about.

Let’s Understand Tinder Gold

Tinder Basics

If you want to understand Tinder Gold, you need to understand Tinder. It’s one of the most popular dating apps, especially amongst the demographic of partners I’m looking for. Tinder is a place where you upload a couple of photos, update your bio to whatever best describes you, and maybe even set an anthem so people get a taste of your music.

MY anthem is obviously “Stronger” by Kanye West

You swipe to the right to “match” with someone and show your interest. The opposite, or not being interested, is a swipe to the left. If someone really gets your blood pumping, you “super like”; which gives them a notification and a special little blue box. With Tinder Gold, you’re able to see all the people who have swiped right on your profile. You can also “boost” yourself so that you’re showing up more often & toward the beginning for those swiping in your area.

Adventuring Into Tinder Gold

I bought Tinder Gold because a sweet friend of mine had it and said she liked it! She showed me that swipes had immediate gratification because you know they’d already said yes to you! Considering the $15 dollars a month was something I could definitely swing, I decided to give it a try. Maybe this says more about me, but I’ve realized that a lot of the guys you meet on Tinder Gold have some similarities. Also, keep in mind this is coming from a heterosexual woman – so it might not be representative of your app. Or, is it?

My Take on Tinder Gold

For me, Tinder Gold was totally worth the money. I spend more on sushi when I order it once than I do on the addition each month. It literally skyrocketed my confidence when I first bought Tinder Gold and saw I had well over 3,500 matches. My worth isn’t quantified in the number of Tinder matches I have, of course. When your filling your head with some negative self talk, it’s a self confidence boost to see how many people think you’re a little cutie! I’m HOT – thousands of boys said so!

As a Type A personality and a Taurus, I love when control is on my side in any situation. Quite honestly, Tinder Gold gave me the option to either do the swiping with men who kind of had a head start. They had already started to show interest. I was already batting well! I could always swipe through everyone in my area like normal where men might not always swipe right on me.

The Types of Guys You Meet on Tinder Gold

Way-Too-Sexual Dude

If that’s what you’re looking for, more power to you! Sex between two consenting adults is cool! I can confidently say, however, CHILL. There’s always a guy that says something borderline vulgar as a pick up line. Where’s the punchline? Do humans do this in real life?

You can see I’ve heard this one before… eye roll.

Big rule of thumb: If someone makes you REALLY uncomfortable on a dating app, report them! Tinder and other apps have safeguards so that you can report people who are making you feel unsafe. In fact, they even ask people if they want to send these types of messages before they send them by identifying key words. If you wouldn’t say it to their actual face, don’t say it through text. If your spicy message would not be something you said during actual spicy time. I wouldn’t Tinder message it. That goes for like every time you pick up your phone, actually.


Yes, there is an awesome tool for you to add a GIF. There is also a GIF for every single thing you could ever say on the planet. However, I do not want to figure out if you’re a decent human through various Office GIFs.

BIG rule of thumb: A properly placed GIF is hilarious. Sometimes, they’re literally all you need to say to get 100% of the point across. There are certain ones that simply cement you as the funniest human in the chat.

The Ghost

We’ve all been there and we’ve all done that. As much as I wish I haven’t been the ghoster, I ABSOLUTELY have. As I’ve talked to some people, grown up, and dated around, I realized that the fear of saying, “Hey, I’m not really feeling it,” is actually not as severe as I thought. Even if you feel like the jerk in the situation, communicating that you’re not really interested saves people from the self confidence stab & makes you the bigger person!

Big rule of thumb: You don’t owe anyone an expectation of what you’re doing in the name of romance, sex, or friendship. You have to do what’s right for you. Sometimes, that means kind of removing yourself from triggering or tempting situations for a while with no notice to the other parties. If you’ve ever been ghosted, remind yourself that it has nothing to do with you and more to do with the person doing the ghosting!

Mr. “I’m Not Like Other Guys”

I’m not here to say that all guys are the same. This blog proves that. As humans, gravitate toward partners that fulfill certain needs for us and attract us in specific ways. To say that the guys you’re pulling have some similarities wouldn’t be out of left field. Saying you’re not like the other dudes and actually not being like them are two very different things. Life has made me realize that you need to listen to people’s actions – those who want to be with you will, those who want to talk to you will, and those who want to make time for you will! 

Rule of thumb: If you state that the reason you’re on Tinder is because of a “crazy” ex, you might as well wave a red flag in all your photos. We all have exes that might have a little screw loose – there’s definitely a time and place or you to tell us the things that didn’t work about previous partners, especially if it’s something you see present again. No one, men or women, wants to think that they’re next in line to get called the “crazy one” if things don’t work out!

The *Actual* Sweetie Pie

Every so often, you’ll find a true gem that doesn’t embody any of the categories from above. They’re not cheating on their partner. They might not be looking for a spouse, but their intentions are pretty clear from the get-go. This can also be applied to the guys who are straight-forward about what they’re feeling (and not feeling) at appropriate times.

Rule of thumb: Everyone is human. We all have flaws and parts of us that we consider a “work in progress”. That being said, Tinder is an app and this is online dating. Please be careful before disclosing anything about yourself or before meeting up with people! Someone can be a sweetie pie on the app but totally opposite in person. Trust yourself, trust your judgement, and trust people’s actions!

Are you on dating apps? Would you try Tinder Gold? Tell me your experience at any of my socials below!

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