Creative Halloween Costumes from Outside the Box!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – I’m here for a theme. We host a lot of themed parties and dinners. Themed movie marathons are something my friends are familiar with and Halloween is a big ordeal. Every year my friends and I have a mission of making some creative Halloween costumes! Check out these costumes that were past favorites of Evan of Wear Evs and mine!

Britney Spears

A Britney Spears costume is perfect if you’re in a place that’s typically cold for Halloween, you have long blonde hair to take advantage of, and you don’t mind taking a body suit off to pee!

What You’re Going to Need:

I made this cute little image with the things that I actually used for this outfit right here!

  • All Red Jumpsuit – I got mine on Amazon. They had lots of options.
  • Headset mic – We had one at home from our desktop computer days. They’re available online in costume form & at thrift stores!
  • Light Blue Eyeshadow – I did a light blue and white mixture! I also did ridiculously white highlight and thin brows!
  • Long, straight blonde hair with thick part – I was lucky to have done this for most of my middle school years LOL. Wigs are also a great option!

Star Boy

Evan dressed up as Star Boy from The Weeknd song! So cool! Almost all of the clothing on Wear Evs is thrifted – eco friendly, financially savvy, and one of a kind! I’ve linked some things that you can directly here!

What You’re Going To Need:

  • Star sunglasses
  • Blazer – One that you don’t mind painting or bedazzling with stars!
  • Star jewels (& maybe some lash glue?)
  • Star jewelry for extra zazz

Stanley Yelnats from Holes

In pandemic time, I dressed up at home as Stanley Yelnats. It was easy and so funny! I made a guide of all the things I used right here.

What You’re Going to Need:

  • Classic orange jumpsuit or orange pants
  • White “dirty” undershirt – I bronzer to make it look like my shirt was stained from digging holes all day with a white shirt… they really didn’t think that through.
  • Shoes – Stanley had “stolen shoes” to get sent to Camp Greenlake so this is just funny.
  • Waterjug – Everyone has a milk jug with their name on it. Stanley = Caveman.
  • Red hat – Obviously, I had acmes to a Wisconsin Hat. Plain red hats are so easy to find though!
  • Special guest, Nala, the yellow-spotted lizard – I got her costume on Amazon as well!


Evan also went as Beetlejuice. SO cute and so fun! it’s not something you see all the time at all!

What You’re Going to Need:

  • Striped shirt
  • Halloween makeup
  • White/Bleach blonde hair – Evan was really rocking bleached hair in these days and it looked sick!
  • Black pants

TikTok-Era Ke$ha

There’s definitely a difference between going as Ke$ha when she was brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack versus “Praying”-era Kesha. I went as the party girl Ke$ha not too long ago. It was cold, but something I got to be really creative with. Use what I used by following this link!

Should have had a bottle of Jack Daniels…SIGH!

What You’re Going To Need:

  • Edgy looking tank – I got mine at Forever21! It also has an open back, but I live in Wisconsin!
  • Fringe shorts, Cut jeans, Sequin Spanks – I wore a pair of Spanx that I had from dance. Paired with the oversized tank it was definitely the level of sexy and edgy that Ke$ha rocks!
  • Dark tights – I got mine at Target and made the holes myself! It was an added layer of warmth, but it was also a Ke$ha staple under jeans, shorts, and bodysuits!
  • Combat Boots – Sexy and edgy was the name of Ke$ha’s game! I had amazing combat boots that I wore all the time anyways! If they have studs, even better!
  • Messy makeup – I used a liquid eyeliner to do the melting look that she has on the “Take It Off” single cover! Then, you can use some loose sparkles too!

Vincent Van Gogh

If you have a super artist friend, you can go as a classic painting or painter! Evan and a friend went as Vincent van Gogh and Starry Night – it was so cool!

What You’re Going to Need:

  • Blazer – Make it look like the blazer is painted with fabric paint or acrylic! Again, thrifting this so that you can make it a costume piece is a great idea.
  • Makeup/Body Pain – Make sure that it’s safe for your face!!
  • (Optional) A Partner – Evan went with another artist friend who were able to create Starry Night! So cool and so creative if you have a friend or significant other you need to steal the show with.

Do you have a creative Halloween costume that was a big hit? Send it to me on any of the socials below! Big thanks to Wear Evs for being a constant supporter of the blog. Go check out his Instagram for thrifted fashion trends and massive closet sales! Also, check out this COOL event Evan put together for his job! I’ll be posting all about!

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